My dearest papa

As a young girl, I used to lay in bed wondering what my life would've been like if I hadn’t left my biological family. I wondered if my father would…


The Healing Embrace

Creating The Healing Embrace created amazing opportunities to meet other adoptees around the world and to hear their stories. The journey an adoptee goes on is one that you can’t…


Aim for the moon

Have you ever picked up a novel and after reading a few chapters you skip to the last page, just so you can find out if your favourite character has…


What My Anger Taught Me

It’s common for people with post-traumatic stress disorder to experience anger. We can experience anger when we feel like we hold no control over what is going on and we…


How do you measure success?

I remember a time I was sipping my morning coffee, feeling emotional because I felt I was behind in life. it was almost like the fairy godmothers had sprinkled magic…

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Letting go

Saying goodbye to someone is difficult but not as difficult as saying goodbye to the former you. Having to say farewell to the old me was one of the hardest…


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