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A Little About Me

Have you seen those movies that start with an African child

in a war-torn country that gets adopted into a white family,

and brought over to the western world for a chance at a better life?

Well, welcome to my life story.

At the age of 27, I have experienced and seen

things that have made me into the woman I am today.

About the Healing Embrace

I created The Healing Embrace to bring awareness to adoptive

parents and healing to adoptees within transracial adoption.

What happens in adoptive families has the power to enrich or

damage a child’s life.

Adoption can be a beautiful experience, with a beautiful ending.

But there are a lot more adoption stories that hold sadness and abuse than we are aware of or care to admit.

I believe the best way I can help other orphans waiting on loving homes is to equip people who are wanting to adopt

or have already adopted,

insight into an adoptee’s journey, giving them tools to support their child in different stages of their life.

So that a child has a chance to thrive in their new homes with the right love, protection, and guidance they deserve.

I will be sharing from my own journey of being adopted into a white family, the do’s and don’ts, and how they impact a child’s life.

I’m also sharing my journey with complex trauma as the result of going through sexual abuse from within my adopted family.

By sharing my experiences I hope to help strengthen and encourage others on their journey.


If you wish to contact me for any inquiries, please do so through the email address linked below.


Kadijatu x