Aim for the moon

Aim for the moon

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Have you ever picked up a novel and after reading a few chapters you skip to the last page, just so you can find out if your favourite character has a happy ending?

I am definitely guilty of this on more than one occasion. It doesn’t matter if it’s fiction or non-fiction, I need to know the outcome.

Once I know the ending it gives me a sense of peace while reading because no matter the hardship or disaster they might face, I know they survive the ordeal.

Imagine if we could apply my method of reading to our lives.

How many dreams would be left unfulfilled because we saw the obstacles on the road to reach our destination?

Would we stop hoping just because we know the answer to our wish?

That ability would be a blessing and a curse.

But how many of us could honestly say we wouldn’t want a look into the future just so we know we reach our destination.

The journey of reaching dreams, big or small can be scary. There are so many buts and what-ifs, that it starts to cloud our vision of how high we can actually reach.

So, if this is you, scared to make moves or to hold hope in reaching your destination in 2021.

I leave you with this quote.

 “Shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars “ -Les Brown.

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  1. Tai Rahman

    A wonderful and truly inspiring, thank you for another amazing post, which brings more positive energy and deep meaning behind it.

  2. Kadijatu

    Thank you Tai. I am glad that you could connect with this article 🙂

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