How do you measure success?

How do you measure success?

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I remember a time I was sipping my morning coffee, feeling emotional because I felt I was behind in life.

it was almost like the fairy godmothers had sprinkled magic over everyone but me.

I was watching people make great strides in life, and I was just able to achieve getting out of bed to make coffee.

There were many reasons for that, one being that I was on a journey recovering from a traumatic year. But that morning it didn’t stop my mind from thinking unreasonably.

I started feeding myself my fears.

What if it’s not written in the stars for me to succeed in life? Perhaps this is my life? the thoughts were endless, and the list goes on.

I had to stop and ask myself, what does it actually mean to be successful?

Nowadays I believe we measure the value of achievements in dollar signs.

Like how fancy our labeled clothing is, the flash cars we drive, or the suburb we live in.

But why do we measure ourselves to that standard? No two people are dealt the same hand in life, so why do we only have one standard of what success looks like?

We often tell ourselves we aren’t succeeding because our eyes are seeing what we don’t have.

Our daily tasks are actually great accomplishments, we just don’t think so because its second nature to us.

Some mornings I get up and make a cup of coffee and do two hours of work on a project.  

And you know what? That’s okay! mentally and physically my body did its best for me.

If you had looked at my morning routine a few years back, I would have only been able to achieve waking up, even the thought of leaving my bed was too much.

I had forgotten all those steps I took to get there, and if I had looked at myself, I would have seen I was successful.

I just wasn’t looking close enough.

So, if you are reading this and for whatever reason you feel like I did back then. Like other people’s lives are moving forwards and it has you feeling a certain way.

Here are 3 things that might help you:

1. Show kindness to yourself. It’s okay to take small steps. Ask yourself, who are you racing against? The answer should be, no one. Take a deep breath, and walk your journey at your own pace.

2. Judging success by money or what you own will always leave you feeling unfulfilled. There will always be someone else who has a nicer looking house, flasher looking car, or more designer bags then you. But again, that’s okay.

3. Learn to count the small steps you take, it’s easy to overlook them. There is always someone else looking at what you have done as a great achievement.

Lastly, don’t allow the world to feed you its version of success, that’s something for you to decide.

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