Here at The Healing Embrace it’s not just a blog, it’s a place to find a supportive community.

I have created a chatroom through Discord (a chatting program) that allows members to chat with each other.

I will monitor regularly to try and make it a space where people are supportive and respectful to each other.

I hope to create a place where members can learn from one another and create bonds.

About signing up

When you sign up to The Healing Embrace an email will be sent to you which will have

the link and instructions to set up your chat using the company Discord.

Please use the following form to sign up.


The chatroom is divided in multiple rooms with a purpose for each one.

I encourage members to join the #Introduction chat first, to give a few

details that may help other members to find a conversation starter. For example, hobbies they like.

We have a general chatroom for members to enjoy.

There is also #Share your story. Where members can share drawings, creative writing, poems, or anything else.

If you connect with another member then you will be able to have a private conversation.

Please remember to treat everyone with respect and show kindness

We always want the environment at the healing Embrace to be welcoming and uplifting.

Thank you, Kadijatu.