The Healing Embrace

The Healing Embrace

Creating The Healing Embrace created amazing opportunities to meet other adoptees around the world and to hear their stories.

The journey an adoptee goes on is one that you can’t explain unless you have experienced it yourself. But I can tell you nothing bonds two strangers faster than a common understanding of the pain and loss you can go through.

It was an exciting experience to connect with others who understood my journey, but I also realised my heart felt heavy. Hearing stories from other adoptees brought to light the sheer amount of sexual, physical, and mental abuse that adopted kids face.

I am saddened by the injustice they went through, and I am angry at the problem that is being ignored.

Often when adoptees speak out against their adopted home they are labeled as ungrateful. But there are so many voices echoing the same cry, can we all be ungrateful?

Where does the idea of the lack of gratitude we hold end and concern begin?

I have recently teamed up with the International Country Adoption Voices (ICAV) organization. I am proud to be one of their representatives and work alongside them, as I believe, the louder we speak the harder it is for the world to pretend our issues don’t exist.

The more adoptees fight for adoptees, the more I hope we can build the change that is needed to protect the younger generations of adoptees. No one has the right to rob someone of a safe childhood, and a place to call home.

The Healing Embrace will be supporting other adoptees and representatives that are bringing these problems to light.

The time for those who have harmed and abused children, that sleep soundly because they believe their actions will never have repercussions, their time of hiding in the shadows is over.

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