What My Anger Taught Me

What My Anger Taught Me

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It’s common for people with post-traumatic stress disorder to experience anger.

We can experience anger when we feel like we hold no control over what is going on and we are trying to regain our control.

Or when we feel betrayed by those who were meant to protect us.

Anger shows us exactly where we feel hurt and it’s our body’s way of telling us something is wrong within us.

My journey with anger was a complicated one, I loved and feared the power it gave me.

I felt stronger with it because people couldn’t harm me when I was in that state, but I also had no control over how angry I would get.

The level of anger I held seemed justified to me, I felt betrayed by those who should have protected me.

My anger allowed me to feel like, the judge, jury and executioner in a world where I was not getting justice.

I could not shake how unjust my situation was, so my anger just clung to me, I felt like it was slowly beginning to poison me.

It wasn’t something that I could ignore anymore, so I had to work on it.

My anger spoke the loudest, but it was masking other emotions I held behind it.

Once I learnt to look past anger and listen to what else my body was trying to tell me, it was easier to understand the things that could trigger an emotional response from me.

My anger felt less unpredictable then.

It took more than a year to learn to manage my anger and it was a difficult process.

As unpleasant as that journey was, I needed to feel that anger and let that anger out to be able to start the process of moving forward.

Here is a summary of 4 things I learnt that helped me with anger.

#1 The first important aspect is acknowledging that you are angry.

#2 Your anger is letting you know something is wrong within you, so pay attention to what it’s trying to tell you, it will show you exactly where it hurts.

#3 You can benefit a lot from physical activities, it burns off extra tension that is built up inside you which can help relax your body and mind.

#4 Anger is not a bad emotion to hold, it can tell us a lot about ourselves and our environment. it’s what we do when we are in a state of anger that can cause harm, not the feeling of anger itself.

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  1. Kadijatu

    I read that article, was beautifully written. You touched on some very good points. It really is okay to be angry, a person needs to go through that emotion. But often we can be forced to play the role of being okay, which is more harmful as people can then turn to drugs and other things.

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